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CTU’s students participating in the 4th “Global Entrepreneurship Camp” in Thailand

From the 14th to 24th of January 2024, 6 CTU’s students participated in the 4th “Global Entrepreneurship Camp” (GEC) in 2024. The program organized by Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Thailand, attracted the participation of over 60 students from various countries around the world.


The program was to create opportunities for students to engage in cultural exchange, explore and experience the country of Thailand, learn about Thai culture and people, develop multicultural teamwork skills, widen knowledge of creative solutions, and improve business skills and entrepreneurial thinking. The theme of GEC 2024 was “Together: Addressing climate change challenges (SDGs 12, 13, 15)”. This was a great opportunity for students to apply their specialized knowledge; update, enhance, and develop soft skills through learning activities and exchanges with international students.

CTU’s students were welcomed at Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anan Tongraar, Rector of SUT, delivered a welcome speech to the students participating in the GEC and introduced them to the Student Entrepreneurship Development Academy (SEDA)

Within the program’s framework, students have learned and practiced “entrepreneurship” taught by lecturers from SUT, coaches from SEDA, and experts from startup companies in Thailand. The contents covers sustainable development, climate change and solutions; generation of business ideas and new business models, and Thailand’s startup ecosystem, Thailand’s national policies on sustainability and entrepreneurial spirit; challenges of sustainability and climate change; entrepreneurial spirit and the Canvas model. The students have access to new, relevant, and practical knowledge about entrepreneurship in the Southeast Asia region.

Overview of the study sessions in the program 

Lecturers and experts shared knowledge in the program

Students participating in the program engaged in a combination of theories and practices. After each session, students worked in teams to discuss hypothetical scenarios raised by the program and identify opportunities to develop new business ideas and business models to meet the requirements. Then, students might develop their own business projects and startup business models. Additionally, students practiced “fundraising” by presenting the results of their discussions to the judges consisting of international instructors and experts from SEDA. Particularly, CTU’s students were honored to receive the award for the group with outstanding results in the “fundraising” practice with persuasiveness. The program’s learning content and imagined situations closely mirrored real-life scenarios, providing good opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge, soft skills, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

CTU’s students discussed and presented the startup projects.

Throughout their time at SEDA, students not only gained knowledge about practical entrepreneurial activities, but also enjoy Thailand's distinctive cuisine prepared by the organizers. The study sessions were interspersed with real-life experiences, along with cultural exchanges,helping students introduce and promote the distinctive features of their own country’s culture.

Entertainment, tours, and cuisine activities after study sessions at SEDA


CTU’s students visited famous landmarks at SUT and the Bangkok capital.

After 10 days at GEC 2024, CTU’s students not only had the opportunity to explore and experience life and culture in another country but also engaged in exchanging and learning valuable knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, the program contributed to fostering friendship among nations and academic cooperation among regional universities.

Group photos in the 2024 GEC


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