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CTU is constantly promoting scientific research within its institution and has made ecouraging achievements in scientific research develoment. Notably, most of CTU research activities aim at critical isseues in the development process of the Mekong Delta as well as the country of Vietnam in general. Its university staff members and students are greatly encouraged to take part in research and publicaton. In recent years, CTU professional staff have completed or been involved in implementing many State-level, Ministry-level, and university-level research projects. Many of the staff are highly regarded, and they effectively apply their management and training activities at the university as well as for regional and national socio-economic development. CTU lectures and students are very proactive and enthusiastic in scientific research and other creative activities. They actively take part in a lot of research and technology application projects at various levels and organize a number of seminars, workshops, expertise exchanges and similar activities. From achievemets in its scientific research and international cooperation projects, the university has developed a range of products and technological production processes that benefit people's lives and promote exports, thus helping the university gain prestige in national and international markets.


CTU Journal of Science granted by Ministry of Information and Communication by publication licence number of 101/GP.BTTTT dated on April 10, 2015. Currently, the Journal publishes 9 volumes per year, including 3 volumes in English issue. 

CTU Journal of Science is a multi-disciplinary journal that publishes scientific research results of lecturers, researchers, students and others inside and outside the University. Its content is divided into four specialized parts: (i) Natural Sciences, Technology and Environment; (ii) Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology; (iii) Social Sciences, Humanities and Education; and (iv) Economics and Law. The Journal is applying the criteria of international journals such as online submission, evaluation and publication; two independent peer reviews; articles uploaded on the Journal’s website, etc.





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