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Can Tho University's main missions are training, conducting scientific research, and transferring technology to serve regional and national socio-economic development. In addition to its training responsibilities, CTU has actively taken part in scientific research projects, applying the advances in scientific and technological knowledge to solving problems related to science, technology, economics, culture, and society in the region. From achievements in its scientific research and international cooperation projects, the university has developed a variety of products and technological production processes that benefit people’s lives and promote export, thus helping the University gain prestige in national and international markets.


To produce highly capable graduates based on a liberal education environment, conduct advanced research and technology transfers on contemporary themes, and contribute to social prosperity development


Can Tho University is the education and research hub for exchanging, creating, and enhancing knowledge, culture, science, and technology, making a positive impact on sustainable social development.

Core values

Consensus - Devotion - Quality – Innovation

Educational Philosophy

for Community - Totality - Uniqueness

Educational Objective

The training activities aim to provide high-qualification human resources, enhance knowledge of common people, and nurture and promote talented people; the research activities in science and technology aim to create knowledge and new products in serving the demands of social economic developments and assuring the national security and defense, and international integration.
To train learners to grow comprehensively in terms of ethics, intelligence, health, and aesthetics; to possess knowledge, skills, and professional responsibilities; to be able to seize advance in science and technology in relevance to the level of education; to possess competency for independent learning, creativity, and adaptability to the working environment; to exhibit the mindset of entrepreneurialism and the sense of serving people

Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement: Recognizing the significant need for qualified human resources in society as well as strong competition in training for high-quality human resources in the local and global innovation contexts, Can Tho University is committed to ensuring its quality through continual innovation and integration in education, creativity, and dynamics in research and technology transfer; incorporating theory with practice to prepare graduates with sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to perform their work efficiently, to formulate their leadership and to adapt themselves to changes.

Can Tho University is committed to the full establishment and implementation of an efficient, creative, innovative, professional, and responsible governance system. All activities of the University will be systematically and effectively governed through computerized procedures, applying innovative approaches, and undergoing regular monitoring and assessment.

Educational Philosophy of Can Tho University

Community - Can Tho University prioritizes its community responsibility and undertakes actions toward sustainable development goals. The activities we provide in education, scientific research, and technology transfer are dedicated to serving the community, resulting in values that contribute to the Mekong Delta’s and Vietnam's long-term sustainable socio-economic development; collaborating, sharing mutual benefits, and encountering national and global emerging challenges with our partners with kind concern, a spirit of friendship and responsibility.
Totality - Can Tho University provides education and training in a wide range of disciplines and thematic areas, assuring ‘both political integrity and professional competence’ among its graduates, ‘Learning in association with practice’, and ‘Theory in close connection with reality’. The activities we provide in education, scientific research, and technology transfer aim to foster outstanding qualifications and to provide learners with solid applied knowledge and essential skills to assist them in developing and possessing comprehensive skills, including life-long learning, to be able to continue enhancing their abilities. These learners will be the high-quality human resources who will in turn contribute to the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta region and the prosperity of Vietnam, as well as the advancement of human civilization in the region and throughout the world.
Uniqueness - Can Tho University is an excellent hub for the integration of knowledge, culture, science and technology. We attract high-quality applicants, transfer research outputs that address real-world challenges, and share substantial values with the wider society. The activities we provide in education, scientific research, and technology transfer prioritize efficiency, proactiveness, and creativity; focus on drawing on personal competencies, nurturing differences, and bringing into full and effective play the collective advantages and strengths of the team to meet both the requirements from our tasks and the expectations of the wider society in support of community development.





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