Farewell Ceremony of the Technical Cooperation Project - Phase 1 (TC1)

On November 24th, 2021, Can Tho University (CTU) held the Farewell Ceremony of the Technical Cooperation Project - Phase 1 (TC1) to mark the successful completion of the TC1 Project and to acknowledge the remarkable contribution of the members of JICA-CTU Project Office. Attending the ceremony were Prof. Tsunoda Manabu, Chief Advisor of the TC Project, Mr. Kunimoto Kazuhiko, Project Coordinator; Prof. Ishimatsu Atsushi, Academic Advisor of the Project, and members of the JICA-CTU Project Office. At CTU' side were Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Prof. Dr. Ha Thanh Toan, Rector; Vice Rectors, the Project Coordinators, and members of the Project Management Unit.

The Ceremony took place at the Hall of the Administration Building of CTU

With the aim of supporting the implementation of "Can Tho University Improvement Project" to upgrade CTU into an excellent, internationally recognized university in agriculture, fisheries, environment and related fields, the TC Project "Building capacity for Can Tho University to be an excellent institution of education, scientific research and technology transfer" using non-refundable aid from the Japanese Government has been implemented since March 2016 to December 2021. The important components of the TC Project are the implementation of a model joint research projects conducted by researchers from CTU and Japanese partner universities, and the development of new training programs and accreditation of training programs according to international standards.

After nearly six years of implementation, the TC Project has achieved major outputs such as 4 model joint research projects were carried out; 19 students were participated in a short training course on operation and management of advanced laboratory equipment; 16 trainees were taken and completed the management courses; 172 experts participated in short-term support at CTU; 25 conferences and workshops were held with more than 5,000 participants, contributing to strengthening the cooperation network between the University - Industries - Localities; three master's programs which were developed and lectured in English include Climate Change and Sustainable Tropical Agriculture, Climate Change and Integrated Management of Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries, and Climate Change and Delta Management, after 3 years nearly 200 students were enrolled. For the project's achievements, the active and tireless contributions of the members of the JICA-CTU Project Office were recorded. The success of the project is also a premise for the CTU Improvement Project to be implemented effectively as planned.

Prof. Dr. Ha Thanh Toan, Rector of CTU, summarized the Project and expressed his gratitude to the experts related to the Project

During the implementation of the Project, JICA experts as well as members of the JICA-CTU Project Office have contributed to strengthening cooperation between CTU with Japanese universities to develop three new master's programs related to Climate Change, to support the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of joint research programs. Since 2020, despite being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, with the flexible coordination of the experts, many model seminars and lectures have been taken place. In particular, surveys were administrated to understand the impact of research programs under the Project on education and to establish strong research teams. The training courses are organized to share knowledge and experiences, aiming to empower the capacity of our staff to reach out and become more accessible to the global academia networks. the workshop on intellectual property rights, which is a deep concern in our university, was successfully organized. The video conference system has been invested for online seminars and conferences to be held, helping the University adapt to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TC Project is not stopping there, the TC2 was approved and SDMD 2045 Office (Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta) was established, which is expected to be the foundation for CTU to contribute greatly to the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta as well as other regions of the world. On behalf of the University's leaders, Prof. Dr. Ha Thanh Toan, Rector of CTU, acknowledged the efforts and important contributions of JICA experts as well as members of the JICA-CTU Project Office, and affirmed that CTU will constantly make more efforts so that its lecturers, scientists and students are equipped with facilities, their capacities are strengthened to break new limits. It is wished that JICA experts would return to join the University for successfully implementing the TC2 Project, accompanying the development of CTU in the coming time.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong and Prof. Dr. Ha Thanh Toan presented CTU's emblems to acknowledge the contribution of Prof. Tsunoda Manabu, Mr. Kunimoto Kazuhiko, and Prof. Ishimatsu Atsushi


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Viet Dung, Former Vice-Rector, Project Advisor, presented to professors the book "Technical Cooperation Project", which records all information of the Project's activities, images and results


Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Hai, Vice-Rector and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Chi Ngon, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, presented flowers and souvenirs to the members of the JICA-CTU Project Office and researcher


Prof. Tsunoda was pleased with a special gift of precious images by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Trung Tinh, Vice-Rector, Director of the Project Management Unit


Souvenirs were received from Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Cong, Dean of College of Environment and Natural Resources, Project Coordinator


Prof. Tsunoda sincerely sent thanks for a warmest farewell ceremony for JICA team, he also congratulated and believed in the increasingly strong development of CTU in the coming time


Group photo


(Can Tho University Journal of Science)


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