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Can Tho University’s 10 highlights in 2022

Can Tho University’s 10 highlights in 2022


The year 2022 closes with worthy results for the relentless efforts on the journey of education, training, research, and cooperation, let's look back at Can Tho University's achievements and milestones in 2022.


SDMD International Forum 2022

The SDMD International Forum 2022 is a major international event in 2022 at Can Tho University. Being part of the framework of the SDMD 2045 Forum for Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta, this is an activity that demonstrates the important role of the University in contributing internal resources as well as promoting the current advantages and potentials to promote the development goals of the Mekong Delta in accordance with the direction of the Government, Ministries, and localities and the spirit of SDMD 2022



Establishing Colleges and subordinate units of Can Tho University

In 2022, the College of Agriculture, College of Economics, College of Information and Communication Technology, Polytechnic College, Faculty of Physical Education, and Institute of Food and Biotechnology were established).
At the end of 2022, the Council of Can Tho University issued a resolution to establish the College of Fisheries on the basis of the Faculty of Fisheries. On the other hand, Can Tho University is also promoting procedures to establish two branches in Hau Giang and Soc Trang provinces. This is an important step in developing "Can Tho University".

A significant increase in the quality of the teaching staff

Recognition of 3 Professors and 20 Associate Professors

Up till now, Can Tho University has 18 Professors and 165 Associate Professors. This once again affirms the quality of the teaching staff fully meets the requirements of one of the leading training units in the country. This is a proud and worthy achievement that the teachers have strived for in education and training.
Especially, in 2022, Can Tho University has the highest number of teachers recognized as professors and associate professors in training institutions across the country this year

A large number of scientists at the University were honored in Scientific Research.

The Vietnam Kovalevskaia Award Committee presented a prestigious award to a female scientist, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Thuy, a lecturer at the School of Agriculture, Can Tho University. The research of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Thuy is aimed at solutions and strategies to solve the problem of consuming agricultural products in the long term, supporting farmers and the agricultural sector when facing difficulties due to natural disasters and epidemics.
Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations held a ceremony to honor outstanding scientific and technological intellectuals in 2022. Can Tho University is honored to have two lecturers honored as Professor - Doctor, Outstanding Teacher Nguyen Thanh Phuong, and Professor - Doctor, People's Teacher Vo Quang Minh.



Grand opening of 2 buildings: ATL and RLC

The construction of the "Research Laboratory Complex" and "High-tech Laboratory" was officially started on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day, November 20, 2019.
The high-tech laboratory was built on an area of 3,546 m2 (7 floors) with a total floor area of 18,827 m2. The research laboratory complex was built on an area of 8,193 m2 (5 floors) with a total floor area of 30,161 m2.
After nearly 3 years of construction with considerable difficulties and challenges, including the heavy impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, but with the efforts and coordination between the Consultant, the Contractor, and especially with the support of Ministries and Donors JICA, the project has been implemented the appropriate design, high quality and aesthetic.
This event also marked the successful completion of the Can Tho University upgrading project, the completion of Phase 1 of the TC Project, creating a solid foundation for the University to continue implementing Phase 2 of the project.



Digital Transformation

In 2022, Can Tho University will deploy CTU Eoffice software, myCTU application for lecturers, myCTUs application for students, and many upgraded software and applications for the University’s System.

The Software Technology Center of Can Tho University, one of the units that play an integral role in the University's digital transformation in the past year, has also won prestigious awards, demonstrated the quality of training and applying digital transformation in the University and many localities in the Mekong Delta and some other provinces. In the past year, CUSC was honored with the top 10 Vietnamese IT enterprises and won the Vietnamese Digital Transformation Awards.




Proud to be a CTU-er

The year 2022 has also recognized the efforts of CTU students - young talents who are committed to challenges and conquer many proud milestones.
Students participating in Scientific Research:
Scientific research among students in the Mekong Delta: 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes, 4 third prizes, 1 consolation prize, and 2 poster prizes.
1 first prize, 3 second prizes at the Scientific Research Award for students in 2022

Students participating in competitions
The 24th National Student Physics Olympic: First prize of the whole team, including 2 second prizes for exercises, 2 second prizes for experiment and 3 second prizes for multiple choice.
Students of the Faculty of Law won a special trophy in the category of the best mediator of the competition, a gold medal for the category of a mediator, and a bronze medal for the category of excellent mediator.

Students participating in academic exchanges.

Nearly 40 students participated in internships, academic exchanges, and tours in Taiwan, the Philippines

Scholarships for students

In 2022, the University has given scholarships estimated at nearly 5 billion VND to support students with difficulties to study well and scholarships for students with high achievements in academic results and scientific research.



Breakthroughs in scientific research

The University’s Science Journal Joins DOAJ

Joining DOAJ, CTUJS can increase its visibility and access to the scientific community around the world thanks to its global access feature for all fields, geographies, or languages. This is a good result since CTUJS joined ACI (ASEAN Citation Index) in October 2021. In the future, CTUJS will continue to approach international standards and strive to enter international databases.

Increasing the number of articles published internationally

The total number of Scopus and WoS articles: 692 articles indexed in Scopus and 433 articles in WoS category. International publication increased significantly in which many works were published in top journals.
The achievements related to scientific research and the strong development of Can Tho University’s Scientific Article are part of the university's strategy and orientation in promoting international publication and developing English articles into Scopus by 2025.


Program Quality Assurance and Accreditation

4 more programs meet AUN-QA quality standards and 5 programs meet the Ministry of Education and Training standards. Up to now, the University has a total of 13 programs that meet the standards of the Southeast Asian Universities Network (ASEAN Universities Network).
All quality assurance activities show the university's strong commitment to the community and the University will continue to contribute and accompany the sustainable development of AUN and AUN-QA in the near future.
In addition, the training has also had many remarkable results such as: Adjusting specialized training programs, training programs at the master's level, opening 49/50 industries in the direction of application; enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students increased significantly compared to 2021, especially the University opened many new majors and attracted a large number of learners.



Strengthen international cooperation, local cooperation, enterprises

In the past year, Can Tho University has signed cooperation agreements with many domestic and international partners, localities, businesses, and investors. Thereby, once again affirming the role and position of CTU in the international fieldImage


The announcement of the University's development strategy

Can Tho University is the center of high-quality human resource training and national scientific research in the Mekong Delta. To accomplish the mission, the University has started the strategy of the period 2021-2025 with a vision to 2030, which highlights the role and foundation of the University's activities, sets out indicators for changing expectations, and invites organizations and individuals to work together to jointly develop sustainably the region and the country.



The above are simply numbers and highlights of the University in 2022, Can Tho University will continue to develop and create more values ​​in research and training of high-quality human resources for the region and the whole country.

On the occasion of the new year, wishing all teachers, students, and domestic and international partners good health, happiness, and success

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