(to December 31st, 2017)

No. Full Name Female Fields Degrees Title
601 Pham Duy Nghiep   Control Engineering and Automation Master  
602 Tran Nam Nghiep   Chemical Engineering Master  
603 Le Hoang Ngoan   Chemistry Master  
604 Trieu Thanh Ngoan X Computer and Communications Networks Bachelor/Engineer  
605 Lam Tu Ngoc X Nano Technology PhD  
606 Luu Bich Ngoc X Cross-cultural Communication  Master  
607 Ngo Phuong Ngoc X Plant Science Master  
608 Nguyen Cao Hong Ngoc X Computer Science Master  
609 Nguyen Khanh Ngoc X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
610 Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc X Library and Information Master  
611 Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc X Aquaculture and Fisheries Master  
612 Tong Thi Anh Ngoc X Food Technology PhD  
613 Vo Huu Ngoc   History of the Communist Party of Vietnam Master  
614 Nguyen Chi Ngon   Automation  PhD Assoc. Prof.
615 Tran Thi My Ngon X French Education Bachelor/Engineer  
616 Truong Trong Ngon   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
617 Nguyen Trong Ngu   Animal production PhD Assoc. Prof.
618 Dao Vu Nguyen   Physical Education Master  
619 Diep Thanh Nguyen   Comparative Law Master  
620 Nguyen Khac Nguyen   Automation Master  
621 Lam Chi Nguyen   Data Mining Master  
622 Tran Anh Nguyen   Electrical, Network Equipment Master  
623 Phan Thi Anh Nguyet X Accounting Master  
624 Vo Thi Anh Nguyet X Rural Economic Socialization Master  
625 Nguyen Thanh Nha   Electronics Bachelor/Engineer  
626 Pham Tan Nha   Animal production PhD  
627 Tran Van Nha   Agricultural engineering Master  
628 Nguyen Hao Nhan   Electrical, Network Equipment Master  
629 Pham Ngoc Nhan   Rural Development Master  
630 Dang Keu Nhan   Aquaculture System PhD  
631 Hua Thai Nhan   Molecular Biology PhD  
632 Le Hoai Nhan   Analytics Master  
633 Nguyen Thanh Nhan   Philosophy Master  
634 Nguyen Thi Hong Nhan X Animal production PhD  
635 Nguyen Trong Nhan   Geography Master  
636 Tran Quoc Nhan   Agriculture Master  
637 Vo Hong Nhan   Nano Materials and Nano Accessories Master  
638 Pham Phuoc Nhan   Economics PhD Assoc. Prof.
639 Tran Trang Nhat   Building Engineering Master  
640 Pham Vu Nhat   Chemistry PhD Assoc. Prof.*
641 Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi X Teaching Methodologies Master  
642 Nguyen Thuan Nhi   Agricultural engineering Master  
643 Ho Minh Nhi   Electrical, Network Equipment Master  
644 Pham Be Nhi X Chemistry Bachelor/Engineer  
645 Le Thi Nhien X Viet Nam Literature Master  
646 Pham Quoc Nhien   Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Master  
647 Doan Tuyet Nhien X Finance-Banking Master  
648 Duong Que Nhu X Economics Master  
649 Nguyen Tong Ngoc Nhu X European Law Master  
650 Pham Bich Nhu X Analytics Master  
651 Truong Nguyen Quynh Nhu X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
652 Nguyen Hong Nhung X Pedagogy PhD  
653 Nguyen Thi Nhung X Literature Master  
654 Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nhung X Nano-Material Chemistry  PhD  
655 Pham Le Hong Nhung X Tourism Management - Services Master  
656 Thai Thi Tuyet Nhung X Organic Chemistry Master  
657 Tran Thi Cam Nhung X Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law Master  
658 Tran Thi Ngoc Nhung X Library and Information Master  
659 Vu Thi Hong Nhung X Economics PhD  
660 Le Van Nhuõng   Principles and Methods in Geography Education Master  
661 Nguyen Minh Nhut   Chemical Engineering Master  
662 Quan Minh Nhut   Economics PhD Assoc. Prof.
663 Van Minh Nhut   Agricultural engineering Master  
664 Duong Van Ni   Environmental Science PhD  
665 Le Khuong Ninh   Economics PhD Assoc. Prof.
666 Nguyen Vinh Ninh   Politics Bachelor/Engineer  
667 Nguyen Van No   Applied Linguistics PhD Assoc. Prof.
668 Le Nong   Civil and industry construction Master  
669 Pham Viet Nu X Environmental Science Master  
670 Dang Thi Hoang Oanh X Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
671 Dang Thi Kim Oanh X Philosophy Master  
672 Le Thi Keu Oanh X Analytics Master  
673 Nguyen Dinh Yen Oanh X International Business Master  
674 Nguyen Thi Keu Oanh X Viet Nam Literature Master  
675 Nguyen Thi Phi Oanh X Molecular Biology PhD  
676 Nguyen Thi Pha X Microorganism PhD  
677 Tran Van Phan   Water Management Master  
678 Vu Anh Phap   Agriculture PhD  
679 Tran Duy Phat   Rural Development Master  
680 Tran Vu Phen   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
681 Pham The Phi   Artificial Intelligence PhD  
682 Le Thanh Phieu   Construction Management Master  
683 Ho Quoc Phong   Chemistry PhD Assoc. Prof.*
684 Huynh Xuan Phong   Biotechnology Master  
685 Le Thanh Phong   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
686 Ngo Thanh Phong   Microorganisms PhD Assoc. Prof.*
687 Nguyen Thanh Phong   Physics PhD Assoc. Prof.
688 Tran Chinh Phong   Architecture Master  
689 Lang Canh Phu   Agricultural Science Master  
690 Nguyen Ba Phu   Crop Production PhD  
691 Tran Minh Phu   Immunization and Infectious Diseases PhD  
692 Truong Quoc Phu   Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
693 Tran Vang Phu   Commercial Law Master  
694 Mai Vinh Phuc   Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Master  
695 Nguyen Hong Phuc   Industry Management Master  
696 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuc X Principles and Methods in Geography Education Master  
697 Nguyen Trong Hong Phuc   Biology PhD  
698 Phan Van Phuc   Economics PhD  
699 Tran Thi Hanh Phuc X Finance -Banking Master  
700 Vo Nguyen Hoang Phuc X Judicial Law Master  
701 Huynh Trong Phuoc   Construction Materials Master  
702 Le Thanh Phuoc   Chemistry PhD  
703 Bui Dang Ha Phuong X Computer Science Master  
704 Chau Xuan Phuong X Information System Master  
705 Dinh Thanh Phuong   Law Studies Master  
706 Do Ngoc Diem Phuong X Public Policy Master  
707 Do Nguyen Duy Phuong   Electrical System PhD  
708 Huynh Nhut Phuong X Agricultural Economics and Marketing Master  
709 Huynh Thi Lan Phuong X Viet Nam Literature Master  
710 Huynh Thi Truc Phuong X Library and Information Master  
711 Lam Ngoc Phuong X Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
712 Le Hong Phuong X Biotechnology Master  
713 Le Van Phuong   Viet Nam Literature PhD  
714 Ly Thanh Phuong   Automation Master  
715 Nguyen Nam Phuong X Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Master  
716 Nguyen Nhat Minh Phuong X Food Technology Master  
717 Nguyen Nhu Phuong X Molecular Biology Master  
718 Nguyen Thanh Phuong   Aquaculture PhD Prof.
719 Pham Mai Phuong X Economic Law Master  
720 Tang Thanh Phuong X Civil Law Master  
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