(to December 31st, 2017)

No. Full Name Female Fields Degrees Title
361 Dinh Thi Ngoc Huong X Accounting - Auditing Bachelor/Engineer  
362 Do Thi Thanh Huong X Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
363 Huynh Lien Huong X Chemistry PhD Assoc. Prof.*
364 Huynh Thi Thu Huong X Crop Production Master  
365 Le Phuoc Huong X Economics Master  
366 Le Thi Thuy Huong X Ho Chi Minh Studies Master  
367 Nguyen Lan Huong X Land Law PhD  
368 Nguyen Thu Huong X Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law Master  
369 Nguyen Thu Huong X Applied Mathematics PhD  
370 Nguyen Xuan Huong X Ho Chi Minh Studies Master  
371 Ton Nu Lien Huong X Chemistry PhD Assoc. Prof.*
372 Tran Thu Huong X Business Administration Master  
373 Trinh Thi Huong X Principles and Methods in Vietnamese Language Education Master  
374 Vo Kim Huong X Education Management Master  
375 Bui Thi Cam Huong X Crop Production Master  
376 Huynh Thi Thanh Huong X Social Work Master  
377 Bui Van Huu   Urban and Transport Development Master  
378 Nguyen Thai Huu   Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
379 Pham Cong Huu   Resources Management PhD  
380 Huynh Anh Huy   Physics Theory PhD  
381 Huynh Truong Huy   Economics PhD Assoc. Prof.
382 Le Tran Phuoc Huy   Public Policy Master  
383 Nguyen Cong Huy   Information Technology Master  
384 Vuong Tuan Huy   Land Management Master  
385 Huynh Chi Minh Huyen X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
386 Khuu Ngoc Huyen X Business Administration Master  
387 Le Thi Huyen X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
388 Tang Thi Le Huyen X Physics Education Bachelor/Engineer  
389 Vo Thi Bich Huyen X Chemistry Education Bachelor/Engineer  
390 Tran Ai Ket   Economics PhD Assoc. Prof.
391 Le Anh Kha   Environmental Science Master  
392 Huynh Hoang Kha   Physical Geography Master  
393 Ly Thi Lien Khai X  Veterinary Medicine PhD Assoc. Prof.
394 Chau Minh Khai   Construction and Urban Management Master  
395 Huynh Viet Khai   Agricultural Economics PhD  
396 Nguyen Hoang Khai   Rural Development Master  
397 Nguyen Huu Khai   Education Management Master  
398 Nguyen Van Khai   Agricultural engineering PhD  
399 Do Tan Khang   Biotechnology PhD  
400 Lam Nhut Khang X Computer Science PhD  
401 Nguyen Hua Duy Khang   Electronics Master  
402 Nguyen Thi Kim Khang X Animal production PhD Assoc. Prof.
403 Nguyen Tri Nam Khang X Business Administration Master  
404 Pham Nguyen Khang   Computer Science PhD Assoc. Prof.*
405 Cao My Khanh X Tourism Master  
406 Dang Mai Khanh X Psychology Master  
407 Huynh Quoc Khanh   Mechatronics Master  
408 Nguyen Huu Khanh   Optics Master  
409 Nguyen Van Khanh   Automation Master  
410 Ly Van Khanh   Brackish Aquaculture PhD  
411 Nguyen Dinh Khanh   Politics Bachelor/Engineer  
412 Nguyen Huu Khanh   Mathematics PhD Assoc. Prof.
413 Nguyen Phuc Khanh    Veterinary Medicine Master  
414 Pham Gia Khanh   Analytics Master  
415 Phan Thi My Khanh X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
416 Nguyen Minh Khiem   Computer Science Master  
417 Do Vo Anh Khoa   Animal production PhD Assoc. Prof.
418 Hoang Dang Khoa   Electrical, Network Equipment Master  
419 Le Van Khoa   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
420 Nguyen Dac Khoa   Plant Diseases PhD  
421 Nguyen Dang Khoa   Electrical, Network Equipment Master  
422 Nguyen Duc Khoa   Information Technology Master  
423 Nguyen Ho Anh Khoa   Business Administration Master  
424 Nguyen Hoang Khoa   Physical Education Master  
425 Tran Nguyen Duy Khoa   Aquaculture and Fisheries Master  
426 Chau Minh Khoi   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
427 Ho Thieu Khoi   Animal Nutrition Master  
428 Le Nguyen Doan Khoi   Economics PhD Assoc. Prof.
429 Nguyen Phan Khoi   Commercial Law Master  
430 Phan Dinh Khoi   Finance PhD  
431 Nguyen Van Khue   Law Studies Master  
432 Tran Thi Thanh Khuong X Biology PhD  
433 Phan Thi Ngoc Khuyen X Business Administration Master  
434 Nguyen Trung Kien   Mathematics PhD  
435 Bui Anh Kiet   Principles and Methods in Mathematics Education PhD  
436 Nguyen Huu Kiet   Soil Science Master  
437 Nguyen Tuan Kiet   Economics PhD  
438 Nguyen Tuan Kiet   Law Studies Master  
439 Le Ngoc Keu X Environmental Science Master  
440 Nguyen Thi Bach Kim X Environmental Science Master  
441 Co Thi Kinh X Environmental Engineering PhD  
442 Huynh Ky   Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology PhD  
443 Nguyen Huu Lac   Economic Law Master  
444 Nguyen Ngoc Lam   Agricultural Economics Master  
445 Tran Vu Thi Giang Lam X Journalism Master  
446 Dao Phong Lam   Assessment and Testing Master  
447 Huynh Nguyen Vu Lam   Economics Master  
448 Le Gia Lam   Construction Engineering PhD  
449 Le Van Lam   Computer Science PhD  
450 Tran Nhat Lam   Bridge and Road Engineering Master  
451 Nguyen Thanh Lam   Veterinary Medicine Master  
452 Lam My Lan X Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
453 Le Ngoc Lan X Library and Information Master  
454 Nguyen Thi Kim Lan X  Linguistics Master  
455 Phan Phuong Lan X Information Technology Master  
456 Tran Nguyen Phuong Lan X Chemical Engineering PhD  
457 Le Ngoc Lan   Water Management Master  
458 Trinh Quoc Lap   Principles and Methods in English Language Education PhD Assoc. Prof.*
459 Kim Lavane   Environmental Science PhD  
460 Nguyen Ngoc Le X Social Sciences Bachelor/Engineer  
461 Le Tran Thanh Liem   Environmental Management Master  
462 Nguyen Thanh Liem   Physical Education Master  
463 Pham Thanh Liem   Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
464 Bui Thi Bich Lien X Environmental Engineering Master  
465 Duong Thi Phuong Lien X Food Technology Master  
466 Ho Hong Lien X Finance  Accounting Master  
467 Hoang Thi Kim Lien X Psychology Master  
468 Mai Le Truc Lien X Finance -Banking Master  
469 Ngo Kim Lien X Chemistry Theory and Physical Chemistry Master  
470 Nguyen Thi Kim Lien X Aquaculture and Fisheries PhD  
471 Nguyen Thi Lien X Biotechnology Master  
472 Quan Thi Ai Lien X Crop Production PhD  
473 Truong Thi Bich Lien X Finance Master  
474 Truong Thi Kim Lien X British-American Literature Master  
475 Pham Quoc Liet   Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Master  
476 Nguyen Thi Hong Lieu X Agricultural Economics Master  
477 Cao Nhat Linh   Law Studies PhD  
478 Doan Thi Truc Linh X Industry Management Master  
479 Le Ngoc Linh X Library and Information Master  
480 Nguyen Khanh Linh X Philosophy Master  
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