(to December 31st, 2017)

No. Full Name Female Fields Degrees Title
241 Nguyen Cong Ha   Food Technology PhD Assoc. Prof.
242 Nguyen Thi Ha X Microorganism Master  
243 Nguyen Thi Kim Ha X Agricultural Economics Master  
244 Nguyen Thi Thu Ha X Construction and Urban Management Master  
245 Tran Thi Phung Ha X Social Sciences PhD  
246 Tran Thi Tuyet Ha X Religion Master  
247 Nguyen Thi Nhu Ha X Food Technology Master  
248 Tran Van Hai   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
249 Dao Minh Hai   Environment Master  
250 Do Xuan Hai   English Studies Master  
251 Dong Thanh Hai   Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
252 Luu Thanh Duc Hai   Economics PhD Assoc. Prof.
253 Nguyen Thanh Hai   Electronic Engineering PhD  
254 Nguyen Thanh Hai   Computer Engineering Master  
255 Pham Tran Lam Hai   Mechanics Master  
256 Tran Ngoc Hai   Aquaculture and Fisheries PhD  Prof.*
257 Tran Thanh Hai   Engineering Physics PhD  
258 Nguyen Mai Han X International and Comparative Law Master  
259 Nguyen Mai Han X French Education Bachelor/Engineer  
260 Bui Thi Bich Hang X Aquaculture and Fisheries PhD  
261 Chung Thi Thanh Hang X Pedagogy Master  
262 Nguyen Thi Thu Hang X Aquaculture and Fisheries PhD  
263 Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang X Physical Theory of Mathematical Physics Master  
264 Nguyen Thuy Hang X Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Master  
265 Phan Thi My Hang X Viet Nam Literature Master  
266 Phung Thi Hang X Plant Psychology Master  
267 Tran Thi Thuy Hang X Animal production Master  
268 Truong Thi Thuy Hang X Accounting Master  
269 Bui Le Thai Hanh X Aquaculture Economic and Management Master  
270 Cao Luu Ngoc Hanh X Chemical Engineering Master  
271 Dang My Hanh X Information System Master  
272 Huynh Thu Hanh X Chemistry Theory and Physical Chemistry Master  
273 Nguyen Kim Hanh X International Development Master  
274 Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh X Literary Theory PhD  
275 Pham Xuan Hao   Architecture Master  
276 Tran Van Hau   Agronomy PhD  Prof.*
277 Le Long Hau   Finance PhD  
278 Luong Thi Hau X Chemical Engineering Bachelor/Engineer  
279 Pham Le Dong Hau X International Business Master  
280 Pham Van Hau   Food Science Master  
281 Huynh Van Hien   Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
282 Huynh Minh Hien   Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
283 Huynh Thi Sinh Hien X Commercial Law Master  
284 Huynh Van Hien   Rural Development Master  
285 Le Do Thanh Hien X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
286 Le Thi Dieu Hien X Business Administration Master  
287 Nguyen Loc Hien   Plant Breeding PhD  
288 Pham Xuan Hien X Information System Master  
289 Phan Trung Hien   Law Studies PhD Assoc. Prof.
290 Tran Thi Thanh Hien X Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
291 Tran Mai Hien X Pedagogy Master  
292 Vo Minh Hien   Information System Development Master  
293 Chau Thien Hiep   Linguistics PhD  
294 Huynh Xuan Hiep   Information Technology PhD Assoc. Prof.
295 Nguyen Huu Hiep   Biology PhD Assoc. Prof.
296 Luu Trong Hieu   Control Engineering and Automation Master  
297 Ngo Quang Hieu   Mechanical Engineering PhD Assoc. Prof.*
298 Nguyen Chi Hieu   Economic Law Master  
299 Pham Nhu Hieu X Physical Education Master  
300 Tran Sy Hieu   Agriculture PhD  
301 Tran Trong Hieu   Electronics Bachelor/Engineer  
302 Tran Van Hieu   Political Economics PhD  
303 Le Van Hieu   Geography Master  
304 Ho Thi Thu Ho X Geography Master  
305 Bui Thi Quynh Hoa X Food Technology PhD  
306 Dang Thi Hoa X Chinese Culture and Language Master  
307 Huynh Kim Hoa X Automatic Control Master  
308 Nguyen My Hoa X Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
309 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hoa X Business Administration Master  
310 Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa X Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
311 Le Ngoc Hoa X Primary Education Master  
312 Le Van Hoa   Agriculture PhD  Prof.
313 Nguyen Cong Hoa   Military Bachelor/Engineer  
314 Nguyen Huu Hoa   Information Technology PhD  
315 Nguyen Van Hoa   Physical Education PhD  
316 Nguyen Van Hoa   Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
317 Vo Phuoc Hoa   Military Bachelor/Engineer  
318 Tran Nhut Khai Hoan   Electronic Engineering Master  
319 Do Van Hoang   Rural Development Master  
320 Nguyen Mong Hoang   Chemistry Theory and Physical Chemistry Master  
321 Nguyen Xuan Hoang   Environmental Engineering PhD  
322 Pham Nguyen Hoang   Computer Science Master  
323 Tran Van Hoang   Computer Science Master  
324 Duong Van Hoc   Economic Law Master  
325 Nguyen Thanh Hoi   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
326 Nguyen Tí Hon   Information System Bachelor/Engineer  
327 Nguyen Van Hon   Animal production PhD  
328 Huynh Thi Cam Hong X Construction Management Master  
329 Huynh Thi Cam Hong X Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Master  
330 Nguyen Thi Anh Hong X Chemistry Theory and Physical Chemistry Master  
331 Nguyen Thi Hong X Materials PhD  
332 Nguyen Thi Phuong Hong X Applied Linguistics  PhD  
333 Tran Thi Kim Hong X Environmental Science Master  
334 Vo Thi Tuyet Hong X TESOL Master  
335 Mai Phu Hop   Philosophy Master  
336 Nguyen Van Hop   Physics Master  
337 Nguyen Buu Huan   Syllabus Design PhD  
338 Pham Khanh Nguyen Huan   Biotechnology Bachelor/Engineer  
339 Bui Phuong Thanh Huan   Principles and Methodologies in Chemistry Education PhD  
340 Bui Thi Buu Hue X Chemistry PhD Assoc. Prof.
341 Nguyen Thi Kim Hue X Ecology Master  
342 Ha Phuoc Hung   Aquaculture and Fisheries PhD  
343 Le Phuong Hung   Physical Education Master  
344 Le Thanh Hung   Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
345 Ngo Ba Hung   Information Technology PhD  
346 Nguyen Thanh Hung   Algebraic Mathematics PhD  
347 Pham Quoc Hung   Agricultural Economics Master  
348 Phan Huy Hung   Public Administration Management PhD  
349 Tran Quoc Hung   English Studies Master  
350 Tran Thanh Hung   Automatic Control PhD  
351 Tran Van Hung   Soil Science Master  
352 Truong Thanh Hung   Criminal Law Master  
353 Le Phan Hung   Mechanical Engineering Master  
354 Luu Nguyen Quoc Hung   Education Management PhD  
355 Ngo Ngoc Hung   Agriculture PhD  Prof.
356 Ngo Truc Hung   Technology Science PhD  
357 Nguyen Huu Hung    Veterinary Medicine PhD Assoc. Prof.
358 Tran Van Hung   Water Management Master  
359 Thach Huon   International Law Master  
360 Bui Thi My Huong X Economic Coopration Law Master  
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