(to December 31st, 2017)

No. Full Name Female Fields Degrees Titles
1 Huynh Tuong Ai   Economic Geography Bachelor/Engineer  
2 Ha Duy An   Telecommunication  & Networking Master  
3 Nguyen Thi Thu An X Applied Computer Science PhD  
4 Nguyen Thuy An X Accounting Master  
5 Tran Vu An   Construction Materials PhD  
6 Tran Cong An   Computer Science PhD  
7 An Vo Tuan Anh   Linguistics PhD  
8 Bui Tan Anh   Biology Master  
9 Dang Tram Anh X Transportation Engineering Master  
10 Lam Quoc Anh   Mathematics PhD Assoc. Prof.
11 Le Quang Anh   Pedagogy Master  
12 Le Quoc Anh   Network, Electricity Master  
13 Luu Hoang Anh X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
14 Ngo Mi Le Anh X Applied Linguistics Master  
15 Nguy Ngoc Anh X Economic Law Master  
16 Nguyen Hoang Anh   Construction Materials PhD  
17 Nguyen Huynh Anh X Economic Law Master  
18 Nguyen Lam Van Anh X French Education Bachelor/Engineer  
19 Nguyen Pham Tuyet Anh X Business Administration Master  
20 Nguyen Thi Lan Anh X International Trade Master  
21 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh X Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
22 Nguyen Thi Viet Anh X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
23 Pham Lan Anh X Principles and Methods in English Language Education Master  
24 Pham Mai Anh X English Education Bachelor/Engineer  
25 Pham Tuan Anh   Principles and Methods in Vietnamese Language Education Master  
26 Phan Thi Phuong Anh X Politics PhD  
27 Su Kim Anh X Information System Master  
28 Tran Que Anh X Accounting Master  
29 Tran Thi Hoang Anh X Tourism Bachelor/Engineer  
30 Vo Thi Tu Anh X Ecology Master  
31 Ong Huynh Nguyet Anh X Crop Production Master  
32 Nguyen Van Ay   Biotechnology PhD  
33 Dam Thi Phong Ba X Agricultural Economics Master  
34 Duong Thi Be Ba X Probability and Statistics Master  
35 Nguyen Thi Be Ba X Geography Master  
36 Tran Thi Ba X Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
37 Vo Thanh Bac   Mechanics Master  
38 Nguyen Van Bac   Information Management Master  
39 Nguyen Viet Bach   Chemical Technology Bachelor/Engineer  
40 Le Thi Bach X Physical chemistry Master  
41 Bui Vo Quoc Bao   Information System Master  
42 Lam Hoai Bao   Information System Development Master  
43 Truong Quoc Bao   Mechanical Engineering and Automation PhD  
44 Cao Ngoc Bau   Pedagogy Master  
45 Chim Van Be   Viet Nam Literature Master  
46 Le Van Be   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
47 Nguyen Van Be   Management of natural resources and environment PhD Assoc. Prof.*
48 Phung Van Ben   Military Bachelor/Engineer  
49 Pham Van Beo   Criminal Law PhD  
50 Le Thi Ngoc Bich X Viet Nam Literature Master  
51 Than Thi Ngoc Bich X Civil law and Civil Procedure Law Master  
52 Tran Ngoc Bich   Veterinary Medicine PhD Assoc. Prof.
53 Duong Thai Binh   Control Engineering and Automation Master  
54 Ly Nguyen Binh   Food Technology PhD Assoc. Prof.
55 Nguyen Thanh Binh   Finance Bachelor/Engineer  
56 Nguyen Thanh Binh   Agricultural Science PhD  
57 Nguyen Thi Song Binh X Business and Management Master  
58 Pham Van Binh   Agricultural engineering Bachelor/Engineer  
59 Tran Ngan Binh X Applied Computer Science Master  
60 Vo Huy Binh   Linguistics and Literature Teacher Education Bachelor/Engineer  
61 Pham Van Bua   History of the Communist Party of Vietnam PhD  
62 Tran Hong Ca X Economic Law Master  
63 Nguyen Duy Can   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
64 Nguyen Van Can   Industrial Systems Engineering Master  
65 Tran Thi Diem Can X Economics Master  
66 Nguyen Ngoc Can   Politics Pedagogy Master  
67 Phan Thuong Cang   Computer Science PhD  
68 Dao Ngoc Canh   Geography PhD Assoc. Prof.*
69 Nguyen Minh Canh   Business Administration Master  
70 Nguyen Thang Canh   Linguistics PhD  
71 Chau Hoang Cau   Pedagogy Master  
72 Tran Le Trung Chanh   Control Engineering  Master  
73 Bui Minh Chau X Applied Linguistics Master  
74 Huynh Huu Bich Chau X Chemistry Theory and Physical Chemistry Master  
75 Le Thi Nguyet Chau X Law Studies PhD  
76 Mạc Giang Chau X Economic Law Master  
77 Ngo Thi Bao Chau X Linguistics Master  
78 Nguyen Kim Chau   Literature PhD Assoc. Prof.
79 Nguyen Thi Bao Chau X Business Administration Master  
80 Phan Thi Hong Chau X Engineering Physics Master  
81 Tran Viet Chau   Information Technology PhD  
82 Vo Tran Thi Bich Chau X Industrial Systems Engineering Master  
83 Dang Vu Kim Chi X Pedagogy Master  
84 Ho Huu Phuong Chi X Finance -Banking Bachelor/Engineer  
85 Nguyen Thi Kim Chi X Ho Chi Minh Studies Master  
86 Nguyen Thi Kim Chi X Engineering Physics Master  
87 Tran Nguyen Duong Chi X Information Technology Master  
88 Nguyen Huu Chiem   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
89 Bui Thanh Chien   Civil and industry construction Master  
90 Dinh Thi Chinh X History of the Communist Party of Vietnam Master  
91 Le Huynh Phuong Chinh X International and Comparative Law Master  
92 Bui Quoc Chinh   Information Technology PhD  
93 Nguyen Minh Chon   Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
94 Phung Kim Chuc   Differential and Integral Calculus PhD  
95 Lam Hoang Chuong   Applied Mathematics PhD  
96 Vo Van Chuong   Linguistics PhD  
97 Nguyen Phuoc Cong   Industrial and Rural Construction Bachelor/Engineer  
98 Nguyen Van Cong   Aquaculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
99 Nguyen Thi Hoa Cuc X Economic Law Master  
100 Nguyen Chi Cuong   Plant Protection Master  
101 Nguyen Van Cuong   Agricultural engineering PhD  
102 Doan Nguyen Phu Cuong   Economic Law Master  
103 Doan Phu Cuong   Mechanics Master  
104 Nguyen Duc Cuong   Military Bachelor/Engineer  
105 Nguyen Duy Cuong   Analytics Master  
106 Nguyen Huu Cuong   mechanical engineering and automation PhD  
107 Ong Quoc Cuong   Business Administration Master  
108 Pham Phu Cuong   Electronic Engineering Master  
109 Phan Huy Cuong   Information System Master  
110 Son Chanh Da   Cultural Studies Master  
111 Thach Chanh Da   Southern Khmer Cultural Studies Master  
112 Huynh Van Da   Tourism and Travel Management Master  
113 Huynh Thi Trang Dai X Physical Theory of Mathematical Physics Master  
114 Thai Van Dai   Business Administration Master  
115 Nguyen Phuc Dam   Organic Chemistry PhD  
116 Nguyen Thi Hong Dan X Applied Mathematics Master  
117 Thai Cong Dan   Education Management PhD  
118 Tong Yen Dan X Environmental Economics PhD  
119 Truong Hoang Dan X Agriculture PhD Assoc. Prof.
120 Phan Thi Dang X Geography Master  
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